MIND Music Labs was founded in Stockholm in 2014 by Michele Benincaso, an Italian luthier who trained in Cremona Italy and Stockholm Sweden with a mission to combine his two great passions; musical instruments and technology.

Together with a dream-team of experts with disciplines ranging from wireless networks to computer engineering, MIND brought state of the art technology to traditional instrument craftsmanship to bridge the gap between musicians and their audience, changing how they learn, create, record and share music.


SENSUS was a prototype of the first real smart guitar in the World. In every way a real guitar, but at the same time a wireless Digital Audio Workstation and a true Internet of things (IOT) device.

Like any guitar, SENSUS produced sound via the vibration of real strings. But SENSUS also allowed for the kind of performance and sonic manipulations heretofore only found in computer based recording studios.

As interest in SENSUS grew, including it winning multiple awards at Sonar Midem, TechCrunch and the SF MusicTech Summit, it became clear that not only guitarists wanted to take their instruments to the next technological level. It also became clear that the ultra low latency audio platform MIND developed to make Sensus play and feel like a real guitar, could be adopted for use with music and audio production applications and so ELK–a completely new Music Operating System–was born.

ELK is a MOS that brings playability and intelligence not only to a guitar, but to a wide variety of musical instruments or audio processors. It’s the first system which allows you leverage the power of software technology via strings, keys, buttons and knobs instead of a mouse.

SENSUS Smart Guitar Performance:



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Michele Benincaso - CEO

Michele Benincaso has a background in lutherie, being a Maestro of the International School of Violin making Antonio Stradivari, Cremona, Italy. For years his innovative guitars has been used by professional artists worldwide. In his quest to make all of today’s technologies available for musicians Michele came up with the concept that has now become ELK music operation system.

Stefano Zambon, Ph.D. - CTO

​Stefano holds a PhD in Computer Science​ from Verona University. His experience combines academic-level expertise in signal processing with years of industry experience working with large codebases, always for musical applications. Among the others, he was the core developer for the physical-modeled algorithms behind Physis Piano, an advanced digital piano released in 2013.
At MIND Music Labs, Stefano is in charge of the architecture and codebase of the processing core of ELK MusicOS.

Matt Ward - Senior Vice President of Partnerships and Strategy

Matt Ward has been in the professional audio industry for three decades working as a product manager for E-mu Systems, Otari and Studer Revox prior to serving ten years as president of Universal Audio and four years as CEO of Plugin Alliance.
At MIND, Matt supervises all business development activities, with special focus on partnerships and strategic growth.

Raffaele Curci - CFO

Raffaele graduated with honors in Business Administration at Bocconi University, Italy. He is the Owner and Managing Director of A&C Consulting and advisor at EBW Capital (London). He previously served in key leadership roles at SRI Group for over 10 years, more recently as Director and COO for SRI Capital Advisers LTD, where he successfully raised subscriptions for the Private Equity Fund New Digital Age.
Raffaele supervises all economic and administrative aspects of MIND Music Labs, including business plans, funding strategies and investors' relations.

Björn Ehlers - Communication Manager

Has studied digital strategy at Hyper Island and has a Bachelor in communications from Stockholm university.
Björn is a music producer, record label manager and guitar player that after years of being a consultant has vast experience in the field of communication and business strategy.
He is now working full time with MIND's many communication tasks.

Luca Turchet, Ph.D. - Head of Sound and Interaction Design

Luca is a computer scientist with expertise in the fields of sonic interaction design, human-computer interaction, music technology, perception, and virtual reality. He holds a PhD in Media Technology from Aalborg University Copenhagen. He is also a professional musician and composer, and has designed and developed various novel interfaces for musical expression.

Gustav Andersson - Senior Software Engineer

MSc in Signal and Systems at Chalmers University, electronic music producer and guitar player in various bands, has a long experience as software developer, having worked from low level embedded systems to high level applications for companies such as Tobii and Ericsson.
He is working full time on MIND's embedded platform.

Sharan Yagneswar - Embedded Software Developer

MSc in Embedded Systems at KTH with a specialization on low-level optimizations using NEON on ARM platforms and with significant industry experience programming microcontrollers, especially XMOS. At MIND, he's the expert in all sort of low-level​ programming ranging from XMOS firmware, SIMD optimizations and multithreaded programming. He enjoys playing drums, guitar and bass on his spare time.

Nitin Kulkarni - Embedded Software Developer

MSc in Embedded Systems at KTH and TU Eindhoven with a joint EIT Digital program. Has had significant experience in automotive embedded systems and Linux-based platforms, including specialized drivers, Kernel optimization, Xenomai support and Yocto/OpenEmbedded customizations.​ On the musical side, he likes to spend his time singing, playing guitar and drums.

Alberto Gianelli - Hw Engineer

Alberto is a Master Electronic Engineer graduated at Politecnico di Torino and at the University of Illinois at Chicago. His background focuses on digital system design for FPGA and ASIC and embedded system design. He also has experience in PCB Layout, circuit boards debugging and fine pitch SMD soldering. Electronic music producer and synthesizers enthusiast.

Valerio Fuiano - Sound Designer & Artist in Residence

Guitar player, arranger and producer, has been performing an intense live music activity for more than twenty years. Together with Max Paparella, he has started the successful consulting company "Groove Sound Design" working for singers, artists and record labels.
At MIND Music Labs, he is responsible for Power by ELK products beta testing.

Maurizio Bazzi - Industrial Designer

MSc in Design Engineering at Politecnico of Milan, is an industrial designer specialized in technological production processes, using advanced modeling systems. He has worked for acclaimed designer studios and companies such as Luca Nichetto, SKITSCH and OFFECCT.
At MIND Music Labs, he is responsible for the industrial design of prototyping and Powered by ELK related products.

Felix Crowther - Design Engineer

Felix is a final year MEng Design Engineering Student from Imperial College London, with a range of skills across all disciplines, ranging from industrial design through to mechanical design, signal processing, and robotics. He has worked on various projects throughout his studies, specifically focusing on the relationship between Engineering & Design, and how function can influence form. He is a drummer for various bands, also plays guitar and piano, while producing his own metal music from his bedroom.

Agostino De Angelis

Agostino holds an International MBA (Toronto-Shanghai) and a Master in IP Management, has 10 years of global experience in IP due diligence, valuations and value extraction strategies for clients such as: AC Johnson, L Capital Asia, IPOS Singapore, University of Tokyo and sovereign funds in Italy, Hong Kong and Singapore. He speaks 5 languages.
At MIND Music Labs, he is in charge of defining IP strategies and developing new IP assets.


Jacob Key is co-founder and general partner of Luminar Ventures. Former VP of Digital Strategy for Warner Music Europe, Board Member of ChallengerMode, Pacemaker and Oddsium.


Matteo has a Master Degree in European Languages and Cultures, from Modena University and Oxford Brookes University. He also has experience as a researcher in Human Computer Interaction at Stockholm's KTH. He is the co-founder of BizUp, a leading marketing agency. Matteo is a regular speaker at European online marketing events.
At MIND, Matteo supervises all communications and marketing activities, from marketing materials to grants applications and business presentations.


Co-founder of TAT (world-leader in mobile User Interface Technology, acquired by Blackberry in 2010), Member of the boards of Kivra, Aevy, Shim and Pacemaker.


Entrepreneur and Management Consultant specialized in Brand Equity, Former Global Brand Director for Ericsson, creator of the Bluetooth brand.

Carlo Fischione, Ph.D.

Prof. Fischione holds a Ph.D. in Electrical and Information Engineering and is a leading scholar on Wireless Sensor Networks and IoT in Stockholm's KTH. He has held positions with MIT, Harvard University, and University of California at Berkeley. He is a Member of IEEE.
At MIND Music Labs, Carlo is in charge of methods of control, signal processing and networked algorithms. He is also responsible for MIND's portfolio of patents.

Sandro D'Errico

Sandro has a degree in Business Management and Brand Strategy from Stockholm University's Business School and a deep knowledge of the musical instruments business. He is the former International Sales Manager for Marshall Headphones and has 10 years of sales experience at an executive level in the Consumer Electronics, Fashion and Music industry.


World-class DJ, Founder of Plus 8 Records, Founder and Director of Plus8 Equity Partners, Founder of Beatport.com


World-class keyboardist, member of the metal band Dream Theater, Entrepreneur, Founder of Wizdom Music (Geo Synthesizer and GeoShred apps among others).

Thomas Nordegg

Guitar tech guru, consultant for Frank Zappa, Duran Duran, Toto, and – for the past 25 years – for the guitar legend Steve Vai.

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