New great Investments, Investors, Advisors and Videos for MIND Music Labs!

Today we are very happy to share with you not one, not two, not three but FOUR GREAT news!:

The first great news is that our current investors have renewed their trust in MIND with a new investment round that will allow us to further develop SENSUS Smart Guitar and explore new features and applications of the great technologies that power it.

The second great news is that our active investors were joined in this round by a new business angel who believes in MIND’s vision and wants to help us revolutionize the musical intruments world: Mats Georgson, former Global Brand Director for Ericsson and founder of the Bluetooth brand. Welcome to the team Mats!

The third great news is that another new important member will join MIND’s team as technical advisor: Thomas Nordegg, without any doubt THE top guitar tech in the music world. Thomas is a real guru in the guitar world, having consulted for Frank Zappa, Duran Duran, Toto, and – for the past 25 years – for the guitar legend Steve Vai. Welcome to the team Thomas!

Finally, the fourth great news is that to celebrate these important steps for MIND Music Labs, today we are releasing the first video of a full-fledged SENSUS Smart Guitar performance. In the video you will see the real expressive potential of SENSUS, allowing guitar players to use infinite modulations and effects, switching between electro-acoustic and electronic sounds in real time and in a natural way without the help of any accessory or computer. The music in the video is produced and performed live by Valerio Fuiano, professional guitar player and music producer. Thank you Valerio for this great performance!

We asked our CEO, MIND’s founder Michele, to comment on the news, and here is what he said: “The trust of our investors and of living legends from the tech and music world is a clear sign that the direction MIND took is the right one to bring musical instruments to the next step of their evolution“.

We are sure you are as excited as we are about these great news, but stay tuned for even more exciting news about SENSUS in the next weeks!

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