MIND’s Story


MIND comes from an idea of Michele Benincaso, an Italian “Maestro” from Cremona’s Antonio Stradivari Luthiery’ School. After working in the guitar world for more than 10 years producing guitars for world-famous guitar players, in April 2013 Michele understood that while the world was changing at a fast pace and musicians’ needs were constantly evolving, guitars and most music instruments were stuck in the ’60s – with artists increasingly resorting to electronic equipment and computers to fill this gap.

Michele decided to do what Stradivari did in the ‘600s and Fender did in the ’60s: use state of the art technology and design to build instruments that satisfy the needs of contemporary musicians, constantly looking for new sound and new ways to express themselves and reach more people. Music players’ needs and habits have changed, and so need to do their instruments.

To accompany him in this mission, he has put together a dream-team of experts in the most diverse fields, from physical acoustics to wireless networks and computer engineering – contemporary versions of the skilled scientists and craftsmen that supported Stradivari in its creations. Among them are Prof. Carlo Fischione, a mathematician and leading scholar in IoT technologies, currently teaching at MIT and Harvard, Luca Turchet, an expert in Electronic Music and Virtual Reality and Stefano Zambon, an audio and embedded systems designer with a broad experience in advanced digital musical instruments.

After two years during which the team worked non-stop in the company’s headquarter – a small basement in the suburbs of Stockholm – MIND is now part of STING, Sweden’s leading startup incubator – and is ready to present to the World its first creation: Sensus, the World’s first REAL smart guitar. Sensus is the natural evolution guitar players have been waiting for 50 years, and its technology is as diverse as the members of MIND’s team: a unique mix of acoustic tradition and state of the art technology covered by 3 international patents.

Among the people who already believed in MIND’s mission and invested in it are music and technology angel investors Jacob Key – former Vice President of Digital Strategy for Europe at Warner Music Group – and Ludvig Linge – co-founder of TAT, a world leader in mobile user interfaces acquired by RIM at the end of 2010. With them are Per Brilioth, CEO at Vostok New Ventures LTD and Marcelo Benitez, founder of Proaltus Capital Partners S.L.




MIND’s Team


Michele Benincaso, CEO, is an Italian established luthier, a Maestro of Cremona’s International Antonio Stradivari School who worked in the guitar world for more than 10 years.

Our Director and Chief Science Officer, Prof. Carlo Fischione, holds a Ph.D. in Electrical and Information Engineering and is a leading scholar on Wireless Sensor Networks in Stockholm’s KTH. He is currently affiliated with MIT and Harvard in Boston, US.

Michele’s luthier skills and musical instruments knowledge and Carlo’s knowledge of Wireless Technologies are supported by the technical and professional knowledge of electronic music and electronic musical instruments of Luca Turchet, Head of Sound and Interaction Design, and Stefano Zambon, our Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Luca is a post doctoral researcher at the Media Technology Department of the Aalborg University Copenhagen with expertise in the fields of sound design, music technology, perception, human-computer interaction and virtual reality.

Stefano holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Verona, Italy and has worked for many years for various digital audio companies. He is proficient in most programming languages and tools used in the music and musical instruments industry.

Our Business Development team is composed by two experts in sales and marketing with long experience in the music and entertainment world: Sandro D’Errico, our Head of Business Development, has a degree in Business Management and Brand Strategy from Stockholm University’s Business School and a deep knowledge of the musical instruments business. He is the former International Sales Manager for Marshall Headphones and has 8 years of sales experience at an executive level in the Consumer Electronics, Fashion and Music industry.

Our CMO, Matteo Monari, has a Master Degree in European Languages and Cultures from Modena University and Oxford Brookes University. He also has experience as a researcher in Human Computer Interaction at Stockholm’s KTH. He is the co-founder of BizUp, an international Online Marketing agency counting on a team of 45 multi-lingual experts. Among his clients are entertainment industry leaders King.com, Paradox Gaming, Schibsted and Spotify.

Finally, our CFO Raffaele Curci graduated with honours in Business Administration at Bocconi University, Italy’s top Economics and Business University. Passionate about digital and interactive technologies, Raffaele is an entrepreneur and management executive with over 15 years of experience. He is currently Owner and Managing Director of A&C Consulting (family holding and management consulting firm) and advisor at EBW Capital (London).


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