Introducing the Powered by ELK Retrologue 2 desktop prototype!

MIND Music Labs is proud to announce a continuation of our official partnership with music and media production products provider Steinberg —  by bringing a brand-new, co-developed desktop synth prototype to SUPERBOOTH19 in Berlin, May 9-11.

“We immediately saw the potential of ELK MusicOS, and that’s why we added it to the official VST SDK [Software Development Kit]. The development of the ‘Powered by ELK’ Retrologue 2 hardware prototype has further strengthened our belief that, with the help of ELK MusicOS, VST can become a standard for not only software, as it is today, but also for hardware.” – Florian Haack, Senior Marketing Manager at Steinberg

“Plug-ins and software synths have brought amazing power and flexibility to computer-based recording, but now musicians want to harness all that power without the computer; there are times when you want to twist real knobs, rather than wiggle a mouse. It’s really exciting to be empowering those users with ELK MusicOS.”Michele Benincaso CEO MIND Music Labs

The proof-of-concept Powered by ELK Retrologue 2 desktop synth prototype — running the full Retrologue 2 VST desktop version, successfully emulating the warmth and fatness of classic analog synthesizers — will be being showcased for all to see and hear on Steinberg-owner Yamaha’s booth (H310) at SUPERBOOTH19 in Berlin, May 9-11.


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