Full ELK integration in VST starting from newly released version 3.6.11

After the recent news of the official ELK/Ableton Link integration, today we have another important announcement:

Starting from its newly released version 3.6.11, Steinberg’s Virtual Studio Technology plug-in format will natively support the integration of Mind Music Lab’s ELK Operating System, allowing VST-based plug-ins to run seamlessly in ELK-powered musical instruments and audio processors.

ELK will be the first available embedded platform to officially support all plug-ins developed under VST 3 specification, allowing manufacturers to offer their customers access to an enormous range of VST instruments and processors, and making it extremely easy for software developers to release VST-based software, sounds and effects on Powered by ELK hardware musical instruments – the first of which, DVMark’s Smart Multiamp, is scheduled for release in early 2019 and will include Overloud’s THU VST Suite.

“We were very impressed by the performance and stability that the ELK Music Operating System has to offer. And this is the prominent reason that we decided for it to become the first platform for hardware musical instruments within the VST domain.” is how Yvan Grabit, senior developer and tech lead at Steinberg, presented this collaboration.

“It is an honor for us to be officially recognized as partners for embedded use by Steinberg. For the past 20 years, VST plug-ins have been the de-facto standards for desktop-produced music, and we are ready to help VST become the standard for smart musical instruments and audio processors as well.” said Michele Benincaso, MIND Music Labs’ CEO.


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