First “Powered by ELK” musical instrument available in 2018

Just a few days after announcing ELK, we are back with more “smart” news straight from NAMM: DVMark – MIND’s first partner in introducing our ELK system to the market – just announced the first Powered by ELK musical insturment: DVMark Smart Multiamp.

The system will be on the shelves later this year, and will allow all guitar players out there to be part of the smart musical instruments revolution – no matter their guitar, style or technical skills.


Based on real amp models behaviour and featuring Overloud’s TH-3 suite, Smart Multiamp will allow you to load a limitless number of models and presets into the amplifier, change any parameter and get the same response of the original amp, also importing cabinet IRs and playing them into a hardware – something no other digital amp can do.


At the same time, you will be able to freely and visually insert models into the sound chain with no constraints – a way larger sound chain than any other digital amp on the market.


Smart Multiamp will also allow you to have your guitar tones always with you: in your amplifier, phone and computer – and to share them with your fellow musicians via a dedicated online community.


Here is DVMark’s Stefano “Sebo” Xotta presentation of Smart Multiamp from NAMM 2018:


The time has finally come: let’s welcome the first smart musical instrument!


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