ELK Music Operating System now natively supports Ableton Link

After working in alignment with Ableton for the past few months, we are glad to announce that ELK Music Operating System now natively supports Ableton Link, the best available technology to keep devices in time over a local network.

Link is part of Ableton Live, and also supported by a number of other software and hardware music making products. Starting today, all ELK-powered musical instruments and audio devices will be capable of supporting Ableton Link with no additional technical development required.

This means musicians using separate ELK-powered musical instruments on to the same network can jam with each other in synch, with each musician capable of adjusting the tempo without the need for directly connecting MIDI cables between the devices.

In developing ELK, we have always given priority to musicians’ needs. Ableton shares this view and this is why we are so excited to provide support of Ableton Link in ELK OS.

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