Using CMake for compiling XMOS code

At MIND, we use XMOS microcontrollers in some of our boards to take care of all low level functionality of the ELK Platform, such as interfacing with codecs, handling GPIO’s, USB audio interface etc. It is capable of performing multi-threaded workloads in an extremely deterministic manner. Utilising their “multi-tiled” architecture, it offers a lot of … Continued

Engineer in focus – Nitin

In order for you to get a better understanding about what we do, we thought it be a good idea to also show you who we are! Please meet Nitin, one of our embedded software developers and one of the main authors of the Audio Latency Demystified blog series. As always, write to us at … Continued

Audio Latency demystified, part 1/4

In case you haven’t noticed, here at MIND we care a lot about audio latency. One of the core features of the ELK musicOS is providing ultra low latency processing while still retaining the ease of development and flexibility of a traditional general-purpose Linux system. This is the first in a series of four posts … Continued


The ELK Music Operating System consists of many different parts. In this post I will focus on what we call Sushi, the DAW that is at the core of audio and midi processing in the ELK MusicOS. I hope you find it interesting!   Sushi – Main features Sushi is a track-based, headless Digital Audio … Continued

Engineer in focus – Gustav

In order for you to get a better understanding about what we do, we thought it be a good idea to also show you who we are! First out is our senior software engineer Gustav! As always, write to us at   So, who are you? My name is Gustav Andersson and I grew … Continued

ELK Development Boards Overview

With this post we want to give a quick overview of the different development boards we use when working on ELK. As you can see we focus only on the specs here, but we aim to give you examples of applications and set up for each board in future posts. We hope you like it … Continued


Welcome to the MIND Music Labs Official Technology Blog! Ever since we started MIND Music Labs and our work with ELK, we have been getting loads of emails with different requests for more detailed technical information on ELK and how it functions. While we are of course very happy and grateful there is so much … Continued

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